Pamper Your Neglected Toes, Aching Feet, and Tired Soles With Our Professional Pedicure Beauty Treatments

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Our Pedicure Treatments Will leave Your Feet Feeling Happy, Clean, and Healthy

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We Provide New Footbath Liners, Files, Buffers, and Pumice Stones for Each Client to Prevent the Possibility of Bacteria Transfer at All Times

1. The Herbal Pedicure ............ 60minutes/$65

Our Herbal Pedicure is a complete herbal experience. Each selection includes an all-natural herbal masque & essential oils treatments to exfoliate dead skin cells & combat stress. Vitamin E green tea extract will stimulate, nourish, detoxify & regenerate the skin. Then treat with hot stones, wrap with paraffin wax then with hot towels. Then finish up with shaping, trimming, callus removal, organic massage oil & your choice of polish.

2. The Cosmospa Pedicure ...........60minutes/$65

This collection is designed to stimulate the senses in the body. The captivating fragrances along with the carefully formulated steps result in an unforgettable spa pedicure experience. Your choice of Pearl, Sunshine Quench, Green Tea & Honey, or Onsen. The service comes with relaxing hot stones, wrap with paraffin wax, & hot towels.

3. The Serenity Pedicure ............ 55minutes/$58

Our Serenity Pedicure comes with a sensational, all-out green tea aroma. Relax yourself with our natural exfoliants to buff away dull, dry skin. Enjoy a serene experience with the natural Kaolin clay mask that silkens & rehydrates along with natural green tea lotion. The service comes with hot stones, wrap with paraffin wax then with hot towels. Then finish up with shaping, cuticle trimming, and callus removal.

4. The Deluxe Pedicure ............ 45minutes/$48

Our Deluxe Pedicure comes with a relaxing hot stone, organic oil massage & mint mud masque to stimulate & detoxify. Then enjoy the exfoliating sugar scrub massage, hot towels, shaping, cuticle trimming, callus removal, & your choice of polish.

5. The Signature Pedicure ............ 40minutes/$40

Our Signature Pedicure comes with a mint mud masque & exfoliating sugar scrub. Then relax with a moisturizing lotion massage, hot towels, shaping, cuticle trimming, callus removal & your choice of polish.

6. The Classic Pedicure ............ 30minutes/$30

Men Pedicure ............Same as Ladies

Our Classic Pedicure consists of shaping, cuticle trim, callus removal, hot towels, moisturizing lotion massage & your choice of polish.

Additional Cost of Service When Added to Choice of Pedicure

Regular Polish.............$5

Regular French Polish.........$10

Gel Color Polish..........$20

Gel French Polish..........$25

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