Rejuvenate and Smooth Out Fine Lines and Wrinkles With Our Varieties of Skin Treatments

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1. Classic Facial ................... 45minutes/$70

A professional deep pore cleaning and facial relaxing designed to improve the health and appearance of the skin.

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2. Microdermabrasion ............. 30minutes/$60

Fabulous and newly improved treatment for the face that will help to remove or fade away wrinkles, blemishes, and small scars.

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3. Rebalancing Facial ............ 60minutes/$85

A romantic facial treatment that includes a deep cleansing and steam exfoliation, a customized masque, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massages.

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4. Rejuvenation Facial ............ 75minutes/$110

Designed to stimulate cell renewal, repair damaged skin, and restore radiance. This includes a deep cleansing and customized masque followed by a luxurious face, neck, and shoulder massages.

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5. Diamond Dermabrasion Facial ....... 65minutes/$100

This procedure is a luxurious version of our classic facial & microdermabrasion which intensely targets skin improvement. It is perfect for those individuals with skins that are sensitive to chemicals or with acne-prone skins that cannot be improved by other methods. This facial will combat the signs of aging such as fine lines, dark pigment spots, and acne scars.

Any Facial with hot stone massage - $15 more.

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